Direct DNS –> exception

  • I have setup DNS redirection on my pfSense box, followed this guide:

    It works, all DNS request are redirected to my pfSense box. If clients change their DNS server, it still redirects to my pfSense box.
    Only thing is that I need 1 client in my network as an exception. He needs to be able to have an alternative DNS server.

    How can I do that?

  • If you create a static mapping in your DHCP server settings to the MAC address of the client, you can set a different DNS server for that client. Just go to Services\DHCP Server and choose your LAN. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can add static mappings there.

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    this is the bad thing about redirections.  I don't understand why you would just not block outside dns requests if you don't want them.  And point your clients to the dns you wan them to use.  This makes it much easier to allow for exceptions.

    If your clients try and use something that is not allowed then they would just fail.. Vs them thinking they are talking to the dns they set, etc.

    If your wanting to redirect all but specific clients then you would have to write your redirect to not now redirect the clients you don't want to redirect and then set them and allow them to go where there wanted to go.

  • Thanks for the help guys.
    I have chosen to disable the redirection and set "block external dns" through firewall rules.

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