OpenVPN - Not Working across Windows Profiles

  • Hi,

    I have a bizarre issue with Open VPN which im unable to resolve.

    I have two OpenVPN connections setup to 2 different sites within our corporate network, both created via PFSENSE.

    On a Windows laptop i created a local admin profile and setup the OpenVPN software and installed the config file via the installer from PFsense, connected to site A, I then joined the remote laptop to our corporate network, signed in using the domain credentials which created a new Windows profile.

    On this new profile i then created the OpenVPN profiles for both site A and Site B.

    On this new windows profile im able to connect to Site B but i get the TLS handshake error when trying Site A.

    However if i sign out of the domain windows profile and return to the original local admin profile with which Site A was originally setup im able to access Site A.

    So the current situation seems to be that I can only access the Open VPN connections via the Windows profile that was used in the intial setup.

    I've tried removing the config file and re adding using my preferred windows domain account but Site A will never work unless i sign out and in as local admin.

    Whats causing this and how can i make the VPN work across all profiles or at least remove from local admin and re apply under my domain profile?

    If i try from the windows domain profile I get the TLS handshake error, but like i say just a simple switch user to local admin and bingo it works. Im sure its something really simple, when installing the certificates its possible i selected current user the first time when added via the local admin profile. But ive since deleted the config files re added and current user was selected when logged in via the domain profile.

    My guess is the certificates maybe need deleting but im unsure, im sure its a simple fix, just like when i had head scracth moments for hours until i realised run as admin is required for the OpenVPN application :)

    Please help.

  • filesystem permissions?

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