Options error: –auth-user-pass requires --pull

  • Hi there,

    I have configured a site to site connection using server mode "Peer to Peer (Shared Key)". I normally do this within an hour, but this time it already takes 4 hours and I have not got it working yet.

    The problem is that on the client site I get the message "Options error: –auth-user-pass requires --pull". No connection is being made/attempted to the server side.

    Can somebody tell me how to solve this, or at least tell me where I can remove the option --auth-user-pass.


    Ps. The error was reported on 6 March 2013 too, but nobody responded to that message, so not solution was reported :-(.

  • You must have had it set to SSL/TLS and defined a username and password at some point. When you switch to shared key, it doesn't unset those values as it should. Delete and recreate that client, or edit it, switch to SSL/TLS and remove the username and password and save it that way, then edit again and change it to shared key.

  • I fixed the config generation so this circumstance doesn't create an invalid OpenVPN client config anymore in 2.3 and newer. Recreating or editing as described in my last post will work around.

  • Thanks for the quick reaction, the problem was as you described and I found the way to solve this.

    Since it defaults to "Peer to Peer (SSL/TLS)", Safari auto completed the authentication section.
    I used Chrome to delete the client and create a new one, and it is working now.


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