Captive Portal login page does not show-up for all websites

  • Good Day, i have a working captive portal that shows the login page when requesting web sites like or, but when some one is not logged in and he wants to login through websites like :, or the login page does not show-up.

    I have add this addresses to the Allowed IP addresses list : WAN Gateway 1 WAN Gateway 2 PfSense                    Google DNS

    I Also add those rules in /etc/inc/ :

    add 65528 allow udp from any to any 53 out
    add 65529 allow tcp from any to any 53 out
    add 65530 allow udp from any to any 53 in
    add 65531 allow tcp from any to any 53 in

    What could be the problem ?

    Thanks :)

    EDIT : The login page is instantly accesible through

  • The problem sounds like a DNS issue. As to why, you'll have to provide some more information first. Like what DNS server(s) are you clients using? And what tests have you run so far? Have you tried running a dig or nslookup against any of the problem sites from a client? If so, what response do you get?

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