Blocking all websites excepting a few ones

  • Hi guys,
    I'm using Squid with pfSense and I want to block all websites except 4 or 5 sites to a group of users and the other group will browse another sites that may be different from the first group.
    Can you please help me?

  • Install squidGuard.  Create 2 Target Categories, each with a Domain List containing the specific list of sites you want your groups to access.  Create separate ACLs for your 2 different groups of users.  Associate each ACL with the respective target category.  Set the Common ACL and your 2 custom ACL's default access to Deny, and make sure your target categories are listed above the Deny rule.  Don't forget that whenever you make a change to squidGuard, you must go back to the General Settings page and click Save then Apply or it won't work.  I just typed this of the top of my head so I may have forgotten a step or confused you with the order of operations.

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