Question of the week? How efficient is openVPN?

  • Dear PF users,

    It took me a while to get Pfsense to work with all basic features.

    As I am a former IPcop user, I have used OpenVPN with it. I recall I was connecting via RDP through the VPN. The remote computer was a Windows XP pro back then. If I recall correctly its performance was superior like you would sit before the pc itself.

    Well after some RDP testing with my Windows 7 machine, I feel the performance is somewhat acceptable but it is surely not like it was before. I hope this is due the fact that WinXP is more lightweight but there is no way to be sure.

    Now my question is: What is causing the delays, is it the windows 7 remote machine, is it my local machine, is it my VPN connection (there are some settings related to performance on the VPN tab) or some overhead on my cisco vlan routing or a combination of, I don't know.

    Therefore I am very curious about what you have to say?

    I am looking forward to some first thoughts about my 'luxuary" problem?

    Thank you

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well some details of your connection might be helpful.

    What is the latency to your network through the vpn.  What is your connection speeds at the remote site and the vpn site.  Are you using tcp or udp for your vpn connection?  Are you using tcp or udp for your rdp connection.  The newer versions of rdp can use udp if you set it up.  What is the cipher your using in openvpn?  What is the hardware your running vpn on?  Does it have AES-NI for example?

    What settings do you have in your remote desktop connection for experience setting?

    I have some really high latency because I have to bounce off a proxy in Houston or Jacksonville and I am in Chicago and then having to come back to Chicago for the vpn connection.  My pfsense box is also just running on a VM on old HP N40L box under esxi.  And  my internet connection is not all that great either on only 10mbps up where my vpn is.  And I have been pretty happy with the remote desktop performance.

  • Johnpoz,

    I added a screenshot,

    I might have tampered with the default settings I think,… :-[

    What is your first thought?

    Thank you

  • Johnpoz,

    How am I supposed to know whether the performance has increased after toggling hardware crypto?

    Thank you

    Thank you

  • Johnpoz,

    Forgot to mention: The firewall has a Pentium 4 HT with 1Gb of ram.

    I have a ADSL connection with a speed of 12Mbs max and 0,625Mbs upload.

    Thank you