Suricata package – Bug fix update

  • An update for the Suricata package with the Bootstrap GUI has been posted.  The update addresses the bugs mentioned in this post ( along with several other minor functionality issues I found during some testing.

    The update pull request is posted here:

    Bug Fixes in this release:

    • Unable to select alternate interfaces for display on the ALERTS tab.

    • Add to Suppress and Remove from Blocked icons not working when clicked on ALERTS tab.

    • Selected interface not working properly on LOGS VIEW tab and not updating log contents when changed.

    • Interface name missing in title of IP REP tab.

    • Table columns not properly hiding overflow text with ellipsis on RULES tab.

    • Fix auto-suggest errors with Alias on PASS LIST EDIT page.

    • Fix invalid references to 'Snort' on INTERFACES tab

    • Fix HTML validation errors on various pages due to extraneous markup tags.


  • Hi bmeeks,

    First off, thanks to you and the other devs who are making this shape up to be such an amazing release.

    Next, I seem to still have a couple of broken images and links on the "Blocked Hosts" tab.  The icon for reverse lookup and the icon for deleting the host from the Blocked Table both are not showing up.  See attached screenshot.


  • Developer Netgate

    Just pushed the fix. Thanks!

  • Thanks, I'll test it out tonight.

  • Works like a charm.


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