OpenVPN certain devices

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for a little assistance as over the last day or so I haven't been able to set my rules correctly to have them work as I need.

    I am currently able to set my OpenVPN for all my traffic. When I try and change this to certain device(s) such as my NAS to use the VPN for all traffic between ports 50000 - 60000 and then set all other network traffic to use the ISP gateway the first rule is ignored.

    What I suspect is that I need to set the allow all other devices to use the ISP gateway except for the NAS between those ports. What I have read however is that pfsense should block by default.

    I have been doing a rough follow of this guide

    In conjunction with the documentation provided by the VPN host

    thanks for any assistance or pointing me in the right direction to read up.