Two OpenVPN Servers issue

  • I have two WANs on my pfsense box; one unlimited fibre and the other being an ADSL connection on a data tariff (ie I pay for traffic).

    I originally configured my clients (a shedload of site-to-site 192.168.X.0/24 networks running on Linux servers) with 'remote' entries for both the fibre and adsl WAN IPs and if there was an issue on the fibre they did indeed connect to the ADSL WAN.

    This was deemed good until the fibre 'blipped' for a couple of minutes on a Friday evening and all my site-to-site VPNs fell back to using the ADSL WAN over a weekend eating up my data tariff.

    I can't see any way of telling my VPN clients to fall forward to the fibre WAN when it comes back so I setup a second OpenVPN server listening on port 1195 on the ADSL WAN that can be used as a manual backup (enabled when the fibre really is down).

    However it doesn't work if the server on port 1194 is also running :(

    My client can connect to the OpenVPN server on port 1195 but pfsense isn't routing traffic correctly.
    I'm using different 'IPv4 Tunnel Network' settings for each server but the 'IPv4 Remote Networks' field is set to on both servers as I obviously don't know which client will be using each server in advance.

    Am I trying to do something that can't be done?

    Suggestions much appreciated.