RRD lost after snapshot upgrade

  • So I updated to the latest snapshot through the GUI update function… I noticed that among the packages that were downloaded was rrdtool... but after pfSense rebooted, I no longer have the RRD option on the Status menu. What can I do to get it back?

  • OH. WAIT. dur. :) I got it now… I see new toys!

    Except... now there's no NTP graph.

    This thread can be deleted, if desired. :)

  • Did the upgrade delete the RRD data or just removed the check-mark under Services:NTP "Enable RRD graphs of NTP statistics" which is off at default?

    Can you check that the option is selected and did you lose any NTP RRD?

  • I'm pretty sure the data is still there, and should still be getting collected. There's a new monitoring graph that has replaced the static RRD images… the data is still collected by RRD, just displayed in a more dynamic fashion. Because of the new monitoring graph, RRD Graphs is no longer in the status menu.

    See this thread for bugs and features that still need to be added:

  • Administrator

    yea the data is there, the code just isn't picking up the data. It will be fixed later today.

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