Extreme Use

  • Over the last several days I've seen extreme use on my wan port. My subscription is maxed. Things slow to a crawl. I have no matching traffic on the lan port. I've tried logging but nothing seems to match. Can someone suggest a way I can stop this abuse? ISP suggested I buy a new modem. I laughed at him. His theory it will force a new ip. Ugh!!! That said the ip did change yesterday but as of this message the attack is on going.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Can you clarify "extreme use"?

    There was a bug yesterday that caused DHCPv6 to get stuck in a loop which could have caused some extra CPU usage, though I can't see it using much in the way of bandwidth.

    If it's not that, and the traffic is coming to the box, it's probably something in squid. Capture the traffic and look it over, see what it is.

  • Incoming bandwidth is flatline. My subscription speed is fully utilized. PfSense appears to be stopping the traffic as there is nothing internal even coming close to that. In fact as we speak dashboard shows lan and opt1 are averaging 40Kbps and 5Kbps while wan is at 18Mb.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You'll have to capture some traffic and see what it is.

    And try shutting down squid to see if it stops.

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