OpenVPN Gateway shows Online but it's Offline

  • The OpenVPN-Gateway-Widget Shows Online but it's Offline. I'll checked also on the Status page there is down too.

    Please check the picture.

  • what does that instance of dpinger look like? Find in output of:

    ps auwwx|grep dpinger

  • Now Status from the widget is Unknown.

    [2.3-BETA][]/root: ps auwwx|grep dpinger
    root  19259  0.0  0.1  15012  2292  -  Ss    1:38PM  0:00.10 /usr/local/bin/dpinger -S -r 0 -i GW_WAN -B -p /var/run/ -u /var/run/dpinger_GW_WAN_92.106.130.102_92.106.128.1.sock -C /etc/rc.gateway_alarm -d 0 -s 500 -l 2000 -t 60000 -A 1000 -D 500 -L 20
    root  82737  0.0  0.1  18740  2248  0  S+    1:42PM  0:00.00 grep dpinger

    Update: And the OpenVPN is definitly online. But still Shows Unknown. I also emptied the browser cache.

  • This should be fixed now.

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