OpenVPN Export not working - File Missing to download

  • Will I have to use burp to look for hidden links to API call it out?

    Steps I did

    1. Configued OpenVPN, named the CN and Cert the same name and got a PEM error.
    2. Installed Open VPN Export
    3. Relized I shouldn't name the CA and Cert the same name and deleted everything related to the OpenVPN config.
    4 .Started over and named the CA different from the Cert by using the wizard.
    5. OpenVPN running fine.
    6. Went to use OpenVPN client export. (No Links or Downloads)
    7. Uninstalled OpenVPN client export.
    8. Reinstalled OpenVPN client export.
    9. Checked (No Links or Downloads)
    10. Running latest version.

  • Reading the text on the page likely would suffice.
    "If a client is missing from the list it is usually due to a CA mismatch between the OpenVPN server instance and the client certificate"

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