Squid Reverse Proxy on Ports Other Than Listening Ports

  • Setup

    I have the setup (shown below) working with requests that are made to the HTTPS port currently configured as listening (443) on the WAN interface.


    I have several applications that are HTTP based that have hardcoded random TCP ports that they send to that I would like to also send through the reverse proxy.

    My question is what is the best way to utilize the reverse proxy on an alternate port that what the Squid Proxy is currently configured to listen on?


    Here is the scenario for one of the apps.

    We currently have several Spiceworks remote agents configured to communicate back to our master Spiceworks host on TCP 19841.  I have created the reverse proxy rule that allows me to connect to https://spiceworks.domain.com externally, which maps the external request to https://spiceworks.domain.com:19841 internally.

    I have attempted to setup a port forward rule (show below) that forwards the 19841 port to the loopback interface on 443.  I have validated that the loopback interface is currently selected in additional to the WAN interface.

    The error that I receive when attempting to browse is "No Data Recieved ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE"

    Thanks in advance!

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