Wan ath0 connect to iPhone hotspot

  • Running 2.2.6, trying to get ath0 to connect to an iPhone 8.4 hotspot.  Laptops, iPad & iPhones connect with no problems.  In AP mode, pfSense doesn't show any SSIDs, however it works as an AP just fine.  In Infrastructure mode, pfSense can see the iPhone hotspot SSID and others; if I put the iPhone SSID in the SSID field the interface still shows down.  How do I get pfSense to connect to a specific AP?  In AdHoc mode, pfSense crashes, reboots & crashes continuously.

  • A little more information:  Using the TetherMe app on the iPhone.  Very little information available about the app.  Best I can tell it uses WPA2 (CCMP), no configurable settings.  The Wireless page under Status shows the iPhone SSID but the CAPS settings do not show WPA.  I know it uses WPA because my computers and iPad require it to connect.  Is it possible that pfSense (ath0 driver) does not try to connect because it does not see WPA as an option?  Of course, it does not connect if I de-select WPA.

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