Squid proxy reports ignoring LAN2 traffic

  • Hi All,

    I have my PFsense + squid proxy up and running thanks to help from members on here and I am very grateful :)

    My issue is that currently one of my subnets (lan2 does not show on the proxy status screen but LAN1 does)
    I presume it's something to do with LAN2 being DHCP by PFsense + transparent and LAN1 being a non transparent proxy (ie people who use that enter proxy details in chrome/IE etc)

    I LAN2 shows in the normal reports. just not in the proxy status one.

    am I missing something basic for this config to show in status?

    It's this I am confused about
    2a/ ONLY if Squid is NOT set up as transparent proxy:

    • Configure Squid - General - Proxy Interface(s) to include 'loopback' interface (in addition to any other interfaces you want Squid to bind on).

    as I am technically transparent but not on both LAN's. I have added loopback and LAN1 and LAN2 but it's the same as if I dont include loopback. not sure if I am missing something obvious.

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