Voucher - Invalid Too short (although it is not short)

  • Hi,

    I am trying to modify the length of the voucher code, it seems to work, voucher's length is shorter.

    However when I test a newly created voucher, it says:

    OK - 979388778 valid for 45 min.
    KO - Invalid too short
    KO - Access denied

    Note: when entering that voucher into the captive portal login page on a computer, it works!
    So it works but gives me error messages when testing.

    Using pfSense 2.2.6-RELEASE-pfSense;
    Captive portal without radius server.

    • RSA private : 32bits

    • Characters : 0 to 9

    • #bits roll : 5

    • #bits ticket : 16

    • #bits checksum : 5

    • #magic number : 857804588

    Thank you for pfSense,


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