1.2.1-BETA success stories

  • Please post if you are able to boot, etc.  Curious if its working for anyone.

  • am booting… ;) just no dhcpd ...
    did a fresh install... my embedded upgrade crashed... :-S

  • Already responded to that thread.  I am looking for other success stories.

  • I've upgraded to 1.2.1 via ssh and most of it works, firewall logs in dashboard and iperf does not work. Extra packages i'm using is dns server, squid, phpsysinfo and dashboard. I'm using pfsense mainly as a firewall and dhcp and proxy server, no pptp or vpn.

  • Try the reinstall all packages option under Diagnostics -> Backup/Restore.

    If any of that fails look in /tmp/ and you will see a pkg log file for the item in question.  Please start another thread with this info, thanks.

  • I just successfully upgraded my perimeter multi-WAN firewall to 1.2.1. In the process we found an issue with fping that has been fixed, load balancing was not working prior to that. Small fallout from the build system changes, the snapshots have been restarted and the fixed versions will be available in about 2 hours from the time of this post.

    After that fix, I'm in good shape! Upgrade went very well aside from that minor build issue we got knocked out.

  • Just upgraded 1.2 to 1.2.1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT built on Tue Jul 8 07:24:59 EDT 2008.

    Everything seems to work fine. On 1.2 the CPU load was 40%, now it`s 0% O_o

  • Upgraded from 1.2 to 1.2.1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT built on Tue Jul 8 07:24:59 EDT 2008

    All Ok. DHCP not work.

    My HW:
    Embedded VIA C3 Nehemiah+RNG+AES + C3 1GHz + 2 Lan Via + 4 Lan DLink

    PGK_ADD Work fine !

    GOOD !


  • DHCP Fixed.  please test next snap.

  • Success story - from 1.2 to 1.2.1 Full upgrade - all was good instantly as far as I can tell.  Fairly generic home setup here though; the only weirdness I have is a asterisk box behind the router.

    The html for the auto-upgrade page was wonky at first but after that everything was fine.  I somehow even missed the brief dhcp breakage.

  • Spectacular results on  my 1.2.1 1.2.1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT  built on Wed Jul 9 00:54:47 EDT 2008

    Pretty basic home setup full Install using intel gig and 10/100 adapters, and a new Ralink Technology RT2661 wireless card (ral0).  All interfaces operating appropriately and no wireless issues.

  • Working beautifully here too, exept for the broken dependency in the iperf package. Just using it as a home firewall with an AMD A64 3200+, 1gb RAM and a Intel Pro/1000 PT dual-port PCIe adapter.
    Not sure about the performance though, as iperf is broken. I could set up a test scenario going through my firewall, but I don't want to mess with the setup.

  • I installed the pfSense-20080713-2312.iso snapshot on a Jetway J7F4K1G2E based ITX machine tonight and everything is working very nicely so far.

    As some of you may already know the J7F4K1G2E motherboard has two Realtek rtl8110sc gigabit NIC's onboard which are known to be very problematic in FreeBSD. Infact pfSense 1.2 wouldn't even install on this motherboard but the 1.2.1 snapshot worked like a charm and the NIC's are working very well so far.

    The only issue I came across was that I had to delete and recreate some of my NAT rules after I enabled NAT reflection in order for the NAT reflection to work for these rules. But this could also be a user error from side since this is the first time I try pfSense.


  • Running a Dell Dimension L55r with Netgear FA311 (sis)(wan) and a GA311 (re)(lan) NIC's.

    Six pc's, two voip phone systems, and a webserver behind this box.

    And OpenVPN for when Im away…   ;D

    Better latency through this box than my old Zonet router by roughly 50% under load by the way...

    edit- And now because of what Ive read Here…  Im using Siproxd successfully on this server…      ;D ;D

  • Works fine here, Compaq Deskpro EN with 3 em interfaces and onboard Intel 100M.  I sure miss squid however, it was cutting down about 15% of local http traffic!

  • Seems to be working well on the FX5621 platform.

    We supplied one to Scott so he could get the gigabit eth working.

    See our webiste for details of the box:


  • Supermicro motherboard (PIIIDME)
    Dual P3-850 processors
    1gig ECC SDRAM
    80gig barracuda IDE drive
    integrated 10/100 Intel 82559 Ethernet controller (currently not used)
    Linksys EG1032 PCI 10/100/1000 ethernet NIC for LAN
    2 x Netgear 10/100 cards (FA310…the old DEC tulip chips) for 2 WAN Links

    I was having issues with 1.2-RELEASE and traffic shaping.  With the latest 1.2.1 build (as of 7/20/08 am) everything works great!

    It is now the main firewall for an office of about 60 folks.  I'll leave it as just a plain Jane firewall for a few days and then try to use it to loadbalance multiple links from diverse ISP WAN links.

    Kudos to the development team.  If any of you guys wind up in NYC, I'll gladly provide food/drinks/entertainment.  :)


  • Hey great to hear all these success stories.  We're going to work on getting package issues resolved and try to get a RC out this weekend!  Yay!

  • I installed pfSense 1.2.1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT
    built on Thu Jul 24 23:13:20 EDT 2008 on my home firewall today.

    It is working great. I have tested the following:
    NAT  (AON)
    OpenVPN point to point
    DNS Forwarder
    Wireless (Linksys wusb54g) ural0

    My wireless is setup as an Access Point with WPA2 PSK.

    I'm not going back to pfSense 1.2 from here on out its 1.2.1 or higher. I'm convinced pfSense 1.2.1 is ready for its first Release Candidate.

    pfSense running on FreeBSD7 is so exciting. I plan to do a lot of testing on the wireless.

  • Fresh install
    AMD 900 declocked to 810
    640mb ram
    3 3com cards
    hd install

    just installed like normal and uploaded the backup from 1.2.

    30 or so pc sitting behind the firewall and 10 vpn mobile users so far so good.
    will edit and report after a good burn in

  • Successful upgrade from 1.2
    Motherboard: SuperMicro P6DBE  2x Pentium2 400mhz
    Adaptec 2940 SCSI HBA
    4.4gb Seagate HD
    1Gb SDRAM
    4 port Adaptec Starfire NIC (only using ports 0 lan and 3 wan)

    NUT (not configured yet)

    Upgrade was flawless and now pfsense does not crash when wife watches Netflix View Now !!
    Momma's happy,,,,,,Everybody's happy !!

  • booting, running great the only issue i am having is carp is not syncing correctly

  • We implemented an "emergency" pfsense system last night in our data center.
    Version: Built on Mon Aug 25 23:17:47 EDT 2008
    CARP works with a pci-express d-link 560T card (was not detected in 1.2)
    Servers are HP DL320 G4

    Only using Snort package at the moment. pfsense pretty much saved the day.

    Now we have 3 connections handled by pfsense (2 office, 1 datacenter)

  • We've got one cluster running fine on Dell PE1950 with quad ports pci-e Intel pro1000VT cards (not recognized in 1.2).

  • carp cluster on a PE 860 and PE850 is running fine.

  • Upgraded from 1.2 to 1.2.1 and had no issues.  So far no issues all IPSEC tunnels up and working and will continue testing.  Great product keep up the good work.

  • Might be a dead post, but for what it's worth,

    Dell Optiplex 733mhz
    256 MB RAM
    3 random NIC's (including a battered Intel hunk from a bargain bin)

    Currently works fine as a student firewall and DHCP server for a ~100 person user base. The clarity of pfsense has allowed me to easily identify underlying reliability issues with the network which are currently being fixed. Reliability has not been an issue so far either in testing or implementation, though we'll see how it handles a more complex, multi-LAN/WAN setup next month (not on battered hardware, by the by).

  • a dead post? hope not!

    Today i found that access via web was dead and the webConfigurator wont start anymore so.. i decide to update to 1.2.1 from 1.2, looks like everything is ok.. webconfigurator works,VLANs and Loadbalance too (that's the primary job of this pfsense), i use the RC2 build from today [ 04-Nov-2008 12:41 39M ]

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