Bypass Proxy for These Destination breaks squidguard

  • I've use pfsense 2.2.6 with squid3 and squidguar
    I've filled Bypass Proxy for These Destination with some domains and applyed
    all seem to be works bu after reboot content filter it does not work anymore
    clearing field Bypass Proxy for These Destination all return to works

    what ca be the problems?

    Thanks in advance for support me in understand this strange behaviour.

  • I have never tried this but perhaps when you tell squid to bypass the proxy for a particular site or IP address, then squidguard is out of the picture altogether.  ANy IPs/hosts that are set to bypass will not respect any squidguard filters.

  • so by that way squid guard will not allow any listed Ips/Host by pass in Squid ?

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