Forwarding CIFS/SMB from OpenVPN Client

  • Hi guys,

    I use a "Strato HiDrive" for my personal cloud. To get access for SMB/CIFS I just have to connect to a "Strato OpenVPN". Now I can simply connect my cloud like a Windows-Network-Drive.

    Now I would like to povide the OpenVPN client connection via pfSense so my computer-clients don't have to connect to the OpenVPN.

    Is it possible?

  • Sure. You're just going to replicate the settings for connecting to that VPN into an OpenVPN connection.
    In your case, pfsense will be the client.
    Then just direct all clients to connect through that connection (via pfsense with some rules/configuration.)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    While sure that would be possible, I see that service also provides webdav via ssl, wouldn't that be an easier solution?  And faster?  SMB performance over wan with latency is normally horrific..

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