Using the webgui for a separate project

  • How hard would it be to use the pfsense webgui for an independent project on freebsd?

    Is it just a matter of copying a whole load of php files over, or is it very titly tied to pfsense?

    I know the gui stores settings in the config.xml file, but apart from that are their any other tight bindings?


  • There are a ton of bindings and customizations in the way things start up, the way things are configured in FreeBSD, etc. You'd need to either use our whole build system (which is a real pain), or write your own init and make a lot of customizations to the pfSense code. Might be better to start from m0n0wall depending on what you want to do. Or if it's something related to pfSense, it would likely make the most sense to just create a package and avoid the pain and many, many hours that go into creating your own system like this from scratch.

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