Squid Cache management with NanoBSD - RAM and/or RAM Disk?

  • Hello a quick question about squid cache management with nanobsd and the best way to set it. Should I just increase the Memory cache size and ignore the Hard disk cache option?

  • That depends on your storage, how fast and how much.  If you're running off an old slow memstick then a large RAM cache is a good option.  Set your hard disk cache size to 0 or 1 (I don't remember if it will accept 0), and set the hard disk cache system to null.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    What I have done so far is set the 'Hard disk cache system' from null to ufs as the 'Hard disk cache location' is /var/squid/cache and /var is the RAM Disk anyway.

    I'm testing it at the moment and it seems to be OK, I download a 357mb file (took about 30 seconds) and then downloaded it again and it was almost instantaneous.

  • Interested in what you were trying here, as I'm looking into something similar. What was your embedded hardware? I'm assuming without large amounts of ramdisk this was a non starter? Or were you using some other disk for the cache?

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