Can't seem to isolate a network

  • I have a home setup and I'm testing windows multi-subnet clustering. I have four networks:

    WAN (internet)
    LAN (my LAN)
    LAB (my LAB set up)
    LABDR (my DR LAB set up)

    I have two nodes of a Windows Cluster called DAFFODIL and LILAC in the LAB network. I have one node called VIOLET in the LABDR network. As a DR test, when I block all traffic from LAB->LABDR and LABDR->LAB. I can't ping the other node or connect to it, but the Windows Cluster Manager in the LAB network tells me that VIOLET is Up.

    If I power VIOLET off, then Cluster Manager reports it as Down within a few seconds. Any ideas on what may be wrong with my firewall? Here are the rules:

    Cluster manager with the block rules active:

  • Adding a firewall rule only affects new states.  Existing states are maintained.  To properly do your testing, add your firewall rule and then go to Diagnostics - States, filter the active states from the server in question and then kill them, or brute-force it by resetting them all.