OpenVPN: Connected, but can't access internal network?

  • I am able to connect to via OpenVPN GUI (Windows), and I verified via ipconfig that I am assigned an IP address accordingly, but I am not able to access anything on the local network. I also cannot ping devices on the local network. When I connect using the same certificate and user with my Macbook, I can access shares, view IP cameras as I would expect. The problem seems to be with this one machine. I don't have any other Windows machines to try.

    This is my first time attempting to using VPN with this machine.

    Any ideas where to start?

  • You have to start the OpenVPN GUI with admin privileges to get the routs pushed on your system.

  • Also watch out for the Win Firewall blocking access to outside networks by default, easiest thing is to turn it off for testing.

  • I ran it administrator and without Windows firewall from the get-go… Issue persists...

  • What is your remote network and the tunnel subnet? Do your server push the routes?
    Show your server config and the client log of the connection. Run route print on the Windows command line and post the result.

  • There wasn't much detail in the OP, which makes it difficult to help troubleshoot.  Post your config (server1.conf).  Check the routing table on the client, is there a route to your LAN?  Are there any blocks in the logs?