Trying to do openvpn with radius for mobile vpn clients but can't do it.


    Trying to follow this guide to the T. For some reason I keep getting this error on the laptop I want to connect to the VPN:

    [5] GOT: ">LOG:1457750375,N,VERIFY ERROR: depth=0,error=unsupported certificate purpose:…...."

    I've tried re-creating the cert any no luck. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

    I'm on the newest PFSense version, and using the newest windows x86 vpn client

    edit hours later

    oh ffs. The guide has a typo that messed me up. The first cert you make after the CA, needs to be a server cert, but the guide states to make it a user cert.

    Someone please edit that guide :)


  • Totally Agree.
    It is a very important step that can make or break the whole tutorial.

    That tutorial was from another website so I do not know how they can edit it without having to do the whole tutorial .

    But great that you found the error

  • I fixed the text and removed the impacted screenshot.