How do i conf to see neighbour wireless network ?

  • OPT1 is installed and bridge to LAN interface, wireless function is working.

    How do i conf pfSense to list closenear neightbour network around me?. Some neighbour network is listed now and then, is not thare all the time when enterring the  Wireless Status page. Im pretty sure they dont switch off thare wireless router so my pfSense box should be able to list them. Is this some kind of error in my config ?

    • Why do i want this function?. So i know the wireless NIC is working.

  • Dude are you using your WLAN card for a wifi network? Or are you wanting to use it to bounce from your neighbors internet to provide you with internet?

  • No, i had that function in the Linksys WRT54GL router. The Wireless survey shows nearby Wifi spots. Oh wel, n/m i guess. What do i care what nearby me is up or not. But i have notice after reboot router and entering The Wifi Status page right after, sometimes nearby Wifi network shows and after exit that page and enterig again, is gone. Clueless…

    Then again... (who cares?) .... Just a thought that maybe cool to have to see how far my Wifi pfSense is talking though this function.

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