• Hello,

    My setup is EXSi Hypervisor 6.0 on a Dell Poweredge R410.  VM settings:
    Guest OS    FreeBSD (64-bit)
    Compatibility      ESXi 5.0 and later (VM version 8)
    VMware Tools    Yes
    CPUs    2
    Memory    4 GB

    2 NICs presented to the VM are VMXNET 3

    Generally happy with it, but sometimes I get a page refusing to load.  This happens mostly with ebay, going to another page or search results.  The initial page load is fine, but when I try to view an item or click on page two of my search results, it just hangs.  Other we traffic and pages load fine while this happens.  If I forget about it, and come back in an hour or two, and click the same link again, it loads immediately.

    Any advise would be appreciated,

  • Are you running a proxy server like squid?  The base firewall operates at the packet level and knows not of websites per se.  It should be all or nothing, eg. if any HTTP/S sites work then they should all work.

  • No proxy server / service.  I was running a Juniper SRX240 before this and did not have the same problems.  Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this would be appreciated.

  • Do you have IPv6 enabled, and if so are you actually using it?  What is pfSense using for DNS?

  • V6 is enabled, but I'm not using it.  DNS for the device is and

  • Packet capture traffic from the host that's having issues while you're seeing an issue. What's it look like? DNS queries getting answered fine? HTTP/HTTPS connections establishing and failing some point later, or sending SYNs repeatedly with no reply, or?