• Currently on 2.3.b.20160312.0102

    Not sure when this started however this didn't occur in 2.2.6, it appears that all my DNS requests are going via DNS servers associated to WAN1 even though WAN2 is set as the default gateway.

    The only reason I noticed as I thought some google services were running slower than usual but didn't really thing much into it.

    Happens with either DNS Resolver or Forwarder

    If I set my outbound firewall rule on LAN to a policy based rule using WAN2_PPPOE then DNS requests go out to the correct ISP, to be expected, but once I change it back to default it reverts to using WAN1's DNS servers again

    Screenshots of my setup here: http://imgur.com/a/9x36K

    What am I missing?

  • That sounds like you're assigning external DNS servers to your clients? Otherwise LAN rules wouldn't impact where DNS traffic goes.