[Solved] Force a reconnect of a vpn client

  • Hello
    I want to force a reconnection of a vpn client at a given time. I could do it for all vpn sessions by setting in a cron the command

    killall -HUP openvpn

    This will affect all the openvpn sessions, however i want to do it for only one client session. Is there anyway to do this?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    /usr/local/sbin/pfSsh.php playback svc restart openvpn client X

    Where X is the OpenVPN ID of the connection (e.g. ovpnc2 interface means client ID 2)

  • –-short version---
    Is there any other scheduler except cron which might be killing my vpn?

    Here is the long version. I setup a cron rule by directly editing /etc/crontab to restart the vpn client. However, after a router restart the cron rule disappeared from crontab. Strangely, i am still seeing the vpn client being restarted at the same time. I suspect that there might be something else restarting the vpn.

  • Poking  further at the logs it seems the connection is up however pfsense stops routing on the vpn interface. My C2758 supermicro board uses igb drivers. I did not face this issue in 2.2.6, it is only occuring in 2.3

  • Removed 'ping-restart' and other 'ping-xxx' options from the config and now the vpn client doesnt die.