• dear all,
          i am running pfsense 2.2.6, captive portal and giving speed 1Mbps to clients. now i have added a bridge link for next camp with transparent bridge link but pfsense also limit this link to 1Mbps. i have added the rules in firewall to to get full utilize the link but useless… please help

    when i set speed 2Mbps in captive portal the link speed goes to 2Mbps...

  • Please help us help you.
    By detailing more.

    …. with transparent bridge link

    By definition, a "transparant link" behaves like a "dumb RJ45 cable".
    But, according you, everybody that connects to your portal through this dumb cable is limited by a total of 1 M for everybody who goes through this cable.
    In other words : your  transparent bridge isn't transparent.

    Post a network layout (AP / routers used), IP's details, etc

  • dear it is working fine now. by mistake i have enable acl in devices now disable and everything is ok now. thanks for your reply