Looking to Hire pfSense *expert* to help with semi-complex configuration

  • I recently setup a home pfSense firewall.  I would say I have a semi-complex setup:

    • Single WAN

    • 6-8 VLANs (some of the interfaces configured as LAGG)

    • pfBlockerNG

    • Squid/Guard

    • Snort

    Although, the overall setup works, the firewall rules are something I'm having a hard time getting setup correctly (i.e.: exactly how I want it).

    I am looking for an pfSense expert who can assist me in getting:
    – Firewall rules properly configured for all interfaces
    -- pfBlockerNG properly configured
    -- Proper configuration of other installed/mentioned packages.

    Anyone interested, please provide:
    -- details/background on your expertise
    -- $$/rate/hour
    -- availablility.

    Thank you!