• I upgraded to 2.3 a week ago and everything has been very smooth.  Congratulations to everyone involved.

    I spent part of the weekend trying to get my first IKEv2 setup for Mobile Devices going and I came across a few UI glitches.  No idea if they predate 2.3 as I wasn't using IPSec there.  This was using Google Chrome v50 Beta.

    1.  When setting up the Phase 1 Proposal (Authentication), if you choose anything other than the defaults for the My Identifier and Peer Identifier fields, you have to click on them a second time before the text entry field displays to the right.

    This one may be my lack of understanding of how to set things up…

    2.  I was trying to set up a dual stack system and had selected to provide IPv4 and IPv6 virtual IPs in the Mobile Client setup.  I also assigned both IPv4 and IPv6 DNS servers in the DNS Server section there as well.  When I get to Phase 2, the Local Network field only accepts one Network address ie I think I should be specifing and ::/0 here but I can't.  If I just enter in then I can't seem to get any traffic flowing.  Removing the IPv6 Virtual IP details in the Mobile Client section gets everything working again.  Happy to provide more detail, but typing is slow at the moment as I have a broken wrist.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I can't reproduce #1, what OS/Browser are you using?

    For #2, add a second Phase 2 entry. Each Phase 2 entry is one distinct pair of local+remote networks

  • Thanks Jim, I'm using Chrome v50 Beta on OS X 10.11.  I can confirm that it doesn't do this using Safari.

    Thanks for the Phase 2 tip.

  • That works correctly on the stable version of Chrome, as well as IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Seems like that's something broken in Chrome beta.