SNMP Trap - PFsense Capability test

  • Hi All,

        VM1 (VM Player)  -  Pfsense 2.2.6
        VM2 (VM Player)  - Ubuntu 12.04 with NET_SNMP tools installed (SNMP Walk, SNMP Get, SNMPd, SNMP trapd etc)

        PFsense WAN <======> VM2 (SNMP Manager)

      1.  Ping between PFsense and SNMP Manager - SUCCESS
      2.  SSH onnectivity between PFsense and SNMP Manager - SUCCESS

      1. Enable SSH, ICMP, SNMP rules in PFsense firewall
      2. Enabled SNMP Daemon and SNMP trap in PFsense

        1. Wanted to generate trap event for Interface Link Down and send to SNMP manager


    1. Made Loop back interface (lo0) in Pfsense down and observed status change from UP to DOWN
            in MIB information. MIB information of PFsense is obtained using SNMP walk command in SNMP manager

        1. I cannot able to see any SNMP trap information for Linkdown in SNMP manager

    But when ever I press "Save" button in SNMP page in PFsense GUI, I can able to
            see  trap (ColdStart) in SNMP Manager. This is expected as configuration is changed as per PFsense.
            Hence generates cold Trap. Confirmed using tcpdump in SNMP Manager

    2. TCP Dump in SNMP Manager does not show any trap related to Link Down


    1. Any configuration has to be changed in PfSense

    2. Searched lot of forums, but could not get any info related to SNMP trap in PFsense

    3. If Link Down trap is not possible, is there any other trap that can be generated by PFsense.

    Any help is appreciated.

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