Differences in nearly identical remote access openvpn's why?

  • I have 2 openvpn servers hosted at 2 completely different clients locations. Both utilize Active directory domains on the network and are setup identically except one domain is 2008 the other 2012. The actual settings under openvpn server setup are 100% the same. The domain reference in one is blah.local, the other is blah.blah.tx.us. When I connect my Windows 10 PC to both VPN's thru the windows client, under the network and sharing center it says the domain for the blah.local domain, but the other one it shows "unidentified network." On the unidentified network vpn connection it has a ipv4 default gateway, but on the blah.local network that field is blank.

    What setting(s) are causing these differences?

    I think these differences are causing my computers to not be able to join the blah.blah.tx.us domain, but my computers can join the blah.local domain just fine.