Time synchronization - Hyper V Question

  • Hello,
    So I have a pfsense VM running in a Hyper-V BOX.

    The pfsense VM is running my openVPN. SO I noticed that the latency in the Gateway for the VM was at 6409ms which is really high.

    I disabled the "Time synchronization" option in the Integration Services and that resolved the problem and it is down to 0.4ms which is more normal.

    My question is if I have this option disabled what negative consequences can I expect from this on the VM ?

    Can this ruin the openVPN connection, could it cause a memory leak, random crashes, ect?

    Thank You

  • Since disabling have you had any issues?

  • You need to either disable that, or disable NTP time sync inside the VM, judging by what other Hyper-V users have reported on that particular issue.

  • @kapara:

    Since disabling have you had any issues?

    Nope it has been up and running since I did the disable and I have had ZERO issues.

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