Route to external address for VPN users

  • I've done some searching for this, but am mainly finding general howto's that don't address my specific question.  If it has been asked and answered before, I apologize.  Please just give me the link and my well-deserved flogs for not searching hard enough and I'll be on my way.

    I have a client whose employees make regular changes to an externally hosted SQL database from their office workstations.  For security purposes, the server's firewall has a whitelist that allows access to it ONLY from that office.

    Users frequently work from the road by connecting to an office VPN.  Previously they had a broken down Vyatta desktop firewall with an ipsec VPN that was configured so that anyone dialed into the VPN could access the SQL server.

    We recently replaced the dilapidated Vyatta with a Dell PowerEdge R210 running pfSense and OpenVPN.  So far we have had next to no problems, but I do not know how to give the OpenVPN users who have connected from home (or a hotel in Spain, or a conference room across town) access to the SQL server.  I would think that this should be a simple firewall rule or a line in the routing table, but as I said, I'm burning more time searching than it's worth and it seems to me that this should be simple.

    So how is this done?



  • At the OpenVPN server configuration tab go down to "IPv4 Local Network/s" or "IPv6 Local Network/s" and enter the SQL servers address there.
    Surely, you will need also a firewall rule on OpenVPN interface to permit access to the SQL server if you don't have an allow-any rule.

  • The other issue you may run into:

    You may need to tell SQL to allow database connections from the OpenVPN subnet.

    I take it access to other devices/applications across the OpenVPN works, it's just a problem with SQL?