PfSense Email Notifications - Anchor to a specific IP?

  • We use Google Apps and their smtp-relay for receiving Email Notifications from pfSense.  We whitelist specific IPs that are allowed to send us mail via the relay.

    We run a native Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 network.  We use PPPoE to connect to our ISP.  We get a static IPv4 WAN address via DHCP and we are assigned a static IPv6 /56 PD but our WAN IPv6 PPPoE IP is a dynamic /64 from DHCP6.  The WAN interface has a manually specified global IPv6 address within the /56 PD.

    In Pfsense 2.2 the notification emails were always sent via IPv4 which left our network from our static WAN IPV4 address.  In 2.3 I've noticed that email notifications are now being sent via IPv6, which is fine, except that the sending IP is the WAN dynamic /64 and I obviously can't use that for whitelisting. Is there anyway we can specify a particular IP or interface for the notification emails?  Ideally I'd like to use the global IPv6 address I have manually assigned to the WAN interface not the PPPoE IP as the originating IP.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There isn't a way to manually specify that address, it uses whichever address is closest to the target.

    You can set the option under System > Advanced, Networking tab to have the system prefer IPv4 if that would help you out.