• Trying to install pfSense 2.3 latest beta on KVM - and it fails with "Fatal trap 9: general protection fault while in kernel mode"

    Screenshot attached.

    I believe Virtio support is available since 2.2, hence there should be no driver issues. If anyone has managed to get this to install on KVM, I'd be keen to know about it.

  • Plenty of installations on KVM, and I'm posting this through 2.3 beta on KVM. Looking at the screenshot, the question should probably be "2.3 on Nutanix….?"

  • @athurdent:

    Maybe give this a shot? https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=30593.0

    That's for FreeBSD 8.1, it's not applicable to anything in recent years. And this doesn't seem to be KVM at all.


    Trying to install pfSense 2.3 latest beta on KVM

    That definitely doesn't look like it's KVM, it's detecting Hyper-V, and crashing in something to do with Hyper-V. My best guess is Nutanix's Hyper-V is broken with FreeBSD for some reason. 2.3 works fine out of the box in Hyper-V (including Azure) and KVM.

  • To be clear, it is Acropolis …  KVM using Nutanix CE. It absolutely isn't Hyper-V.

    I did notice the the Hyper-V reference in the output, completely confused as to where that comes from.

    If other people are running it on KVM then I'm prepared to accept that there's some nuance with Acropolis that's tripping this up. The same happens with the latest free BSD release as well so its not pfsense specific. I'll chat to Nutanix.

    Thanks for your time.