• Hell guys. What is rough estimated due date for production release of 2.3 version. I couldn't find this information here.
    You know like Linux has time lines approximate for release. I'm not rushing anyone but even rough estimate would be helpful even if it's down the road. :)
    Thank you in advance.

  • its been said to be around the same time freebsd 10.3 releases.

    personally i'll think it'll take a little more time, as i believe there will be a release candidate somewhere this week. If needed a second RC. then release in a couple of weeks.

  • Disclaimer: I have no inside knowledge at all, and the pfSense internal guys should release "when it's ready".

    I reckon the code is looking good and there are only a couple of real issues left in Redmine "2.3 - All Open Issues" list. A pfSense 2.3 RC can be made any time, and is really just a name change to the already good BETA. So I will bet on a release very soon after the FreeBSD 10.3 official release. FreeBSD 10.3 official release announcement is scheduled for 29 March, so I will go for the next Monday 4 April for pfSense 2.3.

  • I'm with Phil… FreeBSD 10.3 needs to hit release first... I'd expect pfSense 2.3 to hit release around a week or two after.

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    The friday after easter-weekend would be perfect and memorable ;)