• So for the past couple of weeks I had what I thought was a DDOS attack. The in on my WAN port would randomly max out to my subscription rate. Early last night it was pretty solid for quite some time. I shut off Squid and it stopped. I then turned it back on and selected disable on the antivirus tab. It has not yet returned. Granted it may be too early too tell but I think there may be a connection and was hoping some of you could help me confirm.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That's a general squid issue, usually with refresh patterns for things like caching updates (windows, av, etc). A client requests a tiny portion of a file so squid pulls down the whole thing (and, with AV active, presumably scans it) and periodically refreshes it in the cache. You'd have better luck diagnosing this with a post in the regular squid board here.

  • I will make a post there. I didn't notice this problem prior to 2.3 so didn't know if there was a connection.

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