Suricata V3.0 and traffic Shaper

  • Gentlemen:

    The new version of Suricata V3.0 with the Inline Mode works fine by itself but if traffic shaping is employed to reduce bufferbloat the traffic shaper does not work correctly. When I returned to the legacy mode all is well. This must have something to do with the interaction between Inline Mode and traffic shaping. I would love to get this working but don't know how to proceed. The network card is an Intel I350T2V2. The card works fine with Suricata V3.0 Inline Mode. Did the traffic shaper change in some way from previous versions when we moved to Pfsense 2.3?

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    G. Howard Krauss

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Traffic shaper didn't change at all, but it's probably putting the traffic through a different path that bypasses ALTQ in the driver somehow then.

  • Thanks for the update. Is this something that might be examined during the development or in a subsequent release? Is there something I can configure locally?

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