Please take a look at SoftEther VPN Project

  • Hi!

    You did a great software…

    Please take a look at the SoftEther VPN Project ( Maybe there is a chance to integrate it in any further release. Would be a cool alternative to OpenVPN.


  • +1 to cjs1976 Suggestion.

    Softether is a opensource project from Tsukuba University at Japan works nice and open a lot possibilities to pfsense Tunnels even it can use covert channels table have some mistakes so don´t focus con errors, just on new features could be added to pfsense and you can consolidate all vpn functions with a single project inclusion.

  • Most of those OS' only show L2TP support - is that L2TP/IPSEC, or just straight L2TP?

  • I need it… ;)

  • I've used SoftEther some time ago works really nice, simple to use and is well documented.

  • I wonder what it would take to implement support for this.
    It certainly does look very interesting.

  • Softether is really awesome. But I'm shifting away since it does not support IKEv2.


    Most of those OS' only show L2TP support - is that L2TP/IPSEC, or just straight L2TP?

    It's L2TP with IPsec.

  • @ajrg:

    Most of those OS' only show L2TP support - is that L2TP/IPSEC, or just straight L2TP?

    That is just talking about the those OS's being able you use their built in clients, not the limitation of the softether client on those OS's.

  • One nice benefit is Softether can do Layer 3 or even Layer 2 with VLANs..  Which would come in handy for me right now.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Who came up with this comparison?  Some of it is clear nonsense.

    Openvpn <100mbps
    I have openvpn listening on multiple ports both tcp and udp
    It does have a gui, pfsense ;)  And or just running openvpn-as

    That being said, options are always good.. If it runs on freebsd I would think it would be possible.

  • Hi
    I just finished(had to remove it after) using this software for the first time. And I must admit, that I was very pleased that it served it's purpose(which I was using it for) very well.

    Without going into to much details, I setup the server and clients in an(more like in between) environment with multiple firewalls with very restrictive rules which they flat out denied changing some of them (I needed to transfer FSMO roles and upgrade replication from FRS to DFS) and (I think that) the hosting provider was very annoyed that the customer wanted to move to there own hosting site(lots of $$$$).
    Well, I didn't care. I was just consulting/helping them :)
    It was a little bit of a learning curve, but I'm sure it saved me from months of coordination/planning with multiple hosting providers/administrators/architects and etc(basically, a lot of bureaucracy).

    I had permission from the customer to try to speed up the process in any way I could. Which the SoftEther software actually helped me a lot with.

    Now to my main point:
    I would love to see this being supported in pfSense ;D

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