Connecting to VSphere Client

  • I have had a PFSense setup for the last few months, but I am fairly novice when it comes to network. Right now I am trying to connect to my ESXI Server (behind physical PFSense box) through VSphere (on main home network).

    My network looks like this:


    ESXI Server:

    Laptop I Remote From:

    I don't have a computer behind the PFSense LAN besides the ESXI server box, so I created a Firewall Rule to connect to the PFSense box with with my laptop ( by connecting to

    I have previously attempted to create a rule that would let me use "" as the address in the VSPhere client from the laptop, but then I wasn't able to log into the PFSense web GUI, from my laptop. While at that time, I could connect to the server using the client. The VMs had IP that were something like 192.254.XXX.XXX, so then I was unable to remote into the VMs from the client.
    This was that rule:

    My question is how should I set my rules so I can use the PFSense Web GUI from my laptop, use VSPhere client to remote into the ESXI server, and allow me to connect to those VMs within VSphere?

  • You should avoid exposing these things to the Internet.  Instead, setup OpenVPN and then VPN into your network and then run anything you want without having to worry about port forwards & firewall rules.

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