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  • Hi,

    I need to give free access on some public places and pfsense is the solution I would like to use.
    But I don't wan't to maintain a list of authorized users. Instead, I wan't to provide a captive portal asking for telefone number and I will issue a sms with password allowing user to log in… Is this something people has already done with pfsense ?

    Any hint welcome.



  • Hi,

    I guess it has been done already.

    I guess also that thousands of SMS gateways exist, all using their own access method. So up to you to write the PHP script code into the captive portal login page.

    Btw : phone number, facebook account, email address …. some even wrote paypal interfaces, or even the full swing "W'll debit your Visa" ... why not, the sky is the limit.

  • hi Sylvain,
    one way to do this is write a custom portal in PHP + enable captive portal + enable freeradius2 + setup MySQL server. I recently  did an exact setup for an Expo.


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