SquidGuard Error Pages Location?

  • I have posted here before asking where the error pages for squidGuard are within the file system on pfSense so that I may customize them I received numerous posts pointing to directories and other posts that were of no help…..the information I received seems to have been only valid for the squid3 package I would like to emphasize i'm using the squidGuard package and the error pages are **NOT Located in /usr/local/www/**Im on pfSense Beta version 2.3

    Any help would be appreciated… I need to know the location of the error pages "Access Denied" and the like.

  • sure its in place /usr/local/www  and look for sgerror.php

  • No it isnt there. And yes i have tried putting it there and it didnt change anything.

  • hmm…odd...try to reinstall squidguard and use winscp an search sgerror.php it has to use that php that what shows the error page OR get the error page find what php shows on the URL and search it using winscp

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