Cannot save page System>Advanced>Miscellaneous

  • I did a fresh install of 2.3 beta and imported the configuration settings of 2.2.6

    The XML contained :


    In System > Advanced > Miscellaneous , the values of fields 'Periodic RRD Backup' and 'Periodic DHCP Leases Backup' contained both 0 .

    With these values it's impossible to save this page in 2.3.

    For me it was obvious to remove these values ...But it would be nice if the 0 would not be restored because its an invalid value for this field.

    Is there any data mapping possible to map a '0' to ' '  ?

    thanks in advance,

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That should be accepting 0 since it was the prior "disable" value. I changed the code so 0 and blank are equivalent and fixed up the code a little around it.

    The commit will show there momentarily.

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