PFSense push LAN routes as OpenVPN Client

  • Hi all,

    So heres the setup. I have a windows server 2012 R2 box running as a hosted VPS (Vultr) which is running OpenVPN Server (windows). I then have a PFSense router in my LAN acting as the router. I have got the PFSense box set up as a openvpn client connecting to the openvpn server (windows vps) and this works fine. Also pushes internet traffic.

    The problem is, my windows VPS needs to also be able to talk to the devices on the LAN behind the PFSense box so basically PFSense push a route as a client. How can this be done?

    IP addressing is as follows:
    PFSense LAN:
    Windows VPS: Public IP with nothing inbetween.

    Hope this is enough info.


  • You can't push routes from client to server with OpenVPN. Just define them accordingly on the server.

  • You need to build site-to-site connection or you can try something like my solution with iroute:

  • Much like cmb already mentioned, why wouldn't you just define your routes on the server side?

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