Strange sudden firewall behavior: Can no longer access LAN -> OPT1

  • The weirdest thing just happened to my pfSense setup. I have made no changes to the firewall rules whatsoever, or to any other part of my pfSense for that matter.

    Two days ago I could access machines on my OPT1 subnet from my LAN subnet. Suddenly I can't get to them from my LAN. I can't even ping them. However, from the pfSense itself I can ping the machines in the OPT1 subnet just fine.

    I promise I haven't made any modifications to my rules. :S  This is really bizarre to me. Can anyone explain what could've happened?

  • Has the default gateway on the machines you are trying to hit been changed?

  • No, nothing at all has changed. It just stopped working. Like I said, I didn't change anything on the pfSense or anything on any of the machines in the OPT1 LAN. I can still VPN to the LAN on OPT1. I get an IP address, just like you'd expect, but then nothing. I can't ping any of the machines in the OPT1 LAN.

  • Can you ping the Opt1 interface from the clients on the opt1 network? If you can, what are the rules you have set up and are you doing any advanced NAT?

  • Yes, I can ping the gateway. I assume that's what you meant by the "OPT1 interface"? I can ping anything on the Internet too. I can't ping anything on my "regular" LAN, but that's the way it should be, because that's how I want it and set the policy.

  • anything in your firewall logs?

  • Could it be that you enabled the Captive Portal?

    I just searched my network for about 4 hours for faults, without noticing that the CP was active…....

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