OPT1 NIC equal rules as LAN NIC

  • Hi,

    I have a third NIC called RADIUS in my pfSense box.  Its IP address is and the LAN NIC IP is

    I have created a rule for the RADIUS NIC with the same property values as for the LAN NIC and with this rule I hoped that all computers on the LAN subnet should be able to access all the computers on the RADIUS subnet and vice versa just as if they were on the same subnet.

    However I don't even get access to the pfSense GUI from a computer on the RADIUS subnet.

    One of the goals is that computers using captive portal on the LAN subnet should authenticate against a radius server on the RADIUS subnet.

    How can I achieve the above two issues with rules?

    My current rule details are here:

    thanks a lot if someone can show how this has to be set up…



  • Your rules look good so far (if these are the only rules or they are not limited by other rules on top of them). Make sure all Clients use the pfSense LAN or OPT IP as default gateway (depending at which interface they are connected to).
    In this setup your clients are not in the same subnet and routing is required (which the pfSense does by default). If you want them to be in the same subnet you need bridging (however, then they all have to use IPs from the same subnet of course).

  • Thanks for the confirmation.  I discovered that I had not modified the subnet mask for the opt if from 32 to 24 :-(

    All is well now ;-)