2.3 SSH disable kills traffic

  • If we disable remote SSH it we no longer have internet access. We have not been able to do further troubleshooting as we discovered this in production but have confirmed the behavior.

  • What do you mean "disable remote SSH"?

    Just turning off the SSH service does nothing but stop sshd. It has no impact on whether or not traffic goes through the system.

  • I understand, but that's the result of changing the following in the webconfigurator:

  • I just disabled Secure Shell Daemon in Status–>Services.  No issue accessing internet at all.

    Currently on 2.3.b.20160330.1215_1

  • That definitely doesn't stop traffic from passing. I can't think of anything it could impact that would have any effect on traffic through the system. SSH has no relation to anything that passes traffic.

    Need something more specific. What's a traceroute from LAN to something on the Internet look like when it's not working? DNS lookups work? Ping out to Internet from Diag>Ping work?

  • I can run those requested test this weekend during non operations hours as this firewall is currently in production. The upgrade was suggested and performed by support. I recently read that store hardware will run a separate branch of the software once released, hopefully the switch will be seamless.

    Aside from what you mentioned above, is there any other test I should perform?

  • Actually I was the one who upgraded your system. Didn't realize who you were until looking at your profile. That makes even less sense knowing what's on your system.

    I'd like to work with you on testing this over the weekend. I'll PM you to see if we can arrange.

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